For all your Business Service Needs…

The staff of The Business Point is dedicated to providing business services to suit your lifestyle to international standard. Our staff is experienced, friendly, multilingual, and knowledgeable in computers and things nautical. Just ask, and we will try to meet your requirements.

Our range of Business Services Include…

Secure High Speed Internet access – Our dedicated broadband Internet allows you to connect directly to the Internet without the use of high-risk of “free” Wi-Fi. (Never use Wi-Fi for banking transactions or online purchases.)

International Telephone Service – Our dedicated international connections provide voice grade circuits at affordable prices. Stop in and make your calls in comfort at a fraction of the cost of roaming cellular calls.

Sint Maarten Telephone and Fax Numbers – Dutch Sint Maarten is on the North American dialing plan (Country Code 1 just like Miami or Toronto). A live message center manned by experienced international staff. Phone Messages to +1 721 544-4159 (Business Hours) – Fax Messages to +1 721 544-3319 (24/7)

  • USA Telephone and Fax NumberWe have US telephone numbers. Many of our clients use this as their US telephone number to accompany our US address for their bank and credit card addresses.

 Mobile Phone Rental – We are agents of a reliable local mobile phone. Renting a phone gets you a local phone number; and calling at local rates.  We can also provide a SIM card for your phone, if it is unlocked.

  • Sint Maarten Post Office Address – We are agents of the Netherlands Post, so your mail is delivered directly to your box. Our concierge service can check it daily and inform you when you have mail. We offer FREE incoming mail service to visiting cruisers and yacht crew, and a FREE email address – Just have your mail sent to:
  •  [Your Boat Name or Your Name]
    The Business Point
    PO Box 4545 Plaza Del Lago
    Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten
    Dutch West Indies
    For Email: [yourname]@thebusinesspoint.com

Sint Maarten Physical Street Address – We send and receive your DHL and FedEX or air cargo shipments. Send shipments to:                        

[Your Boat Name or Your Name]
The Business Point
Lagoon Marina
Wellington Road, Cole Bay,
Sint Maarten (Dutch Part)
Contact Phone +1 721 544-4159
Email: cargo@thebusinesspoint.com

  • USA Physical Street Address – This is very helpful for receiving courier packages deliverable only in the USA, such as UPS or Amazon. Your packages are received in our Miami office and regularly dispatched via air courier to Sint Maarten.
  • USA Post Office Address – USA Magazine subscriptions are cheaper and have more content than the “International” version of the same publication; and First Class mail to a US address is much less expensive than International First Class. Your incoming US mail is dispatched via air courier to Sint Maarten.
  • Your Mail Posted in the USA – We are agents of the United States Postal Service, so we can post your outgoing mail in the USA with US Postage. This service is much quicker than international mail and very much cheaper than courier services. Ideal for paying bills!
  • Other Good Stuff – We can also help you with finding boat and car parts or charts, introduce you to boat brokers and bankers, find the best provisioning for your yacht, pump out services, book airline and hotel reservations, make copies, do your clerical and typing work, provide local knowledge as to what to see in Sint Maarten / Ste-Maarten and neighboring islands, how to use our busses and taxis, rent cars, where to get fuel, and about anything else you might need to make your visit pleasant. Give us a try!